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Moist Banana Muffins with Caramel Banana Topping – Added fat free.

With one exam down and three to go, I am well and truly tired, burnt out and beyond stressed! The idea that I might actually cook for pleasure and not just to satisfy my nutritional needs, didn’t bear thinking about. Then I … Continue reading

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Amazing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Dear Chocolate Chip, We’ve had some great times together. As you will probably know by now, I have spent much time in confusion over the years. The nights I spent craving you, but I knew you were so bad for … Continue reading

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Sausage and Saffron Pasta with Spinach

I always do the same thing with my treasured pot of saffron strands – rice. Last week, I wondered why I didn’t do more with such an expensive and delicious ingredient. I just love its scent which reminds me of the fresh … Continue reading

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Indian Spiced Vegetable Stew

This is a very light Indian style stew. The broth is aromatic with just slight heat, add more chili if you like it hotter. Use whatever vegetables you like or have, it’s a great recipe for cleaning out the fridge. The spices … Continue reading

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Spinach & Leek Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms are really delicious and flavourful and packed with protein. I like to serve them with crushed new potatoes boiled in water with plenty of garlic salt and mixed with a sauteed chopped onion – a great way to … Continue reading

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Raw Strawberry Chia Jam and Jam Filled Doughnuts

Most of us foodies have an ever expanding list of things we ‘must make soon’. I have a ginormous one of these and it doesn’t get any smaller. But, sometimes, I come across recipes that simply bypass the queue. I just … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

I’ve never been a fan of soup, especially the tinned stuff, I think it’s simply gross. In recent years with the fresh soups in the supermarkets, I’ve definitely become more open to soup at lunch time, especially when I’m trying … Continue reading

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Almond and Raisin Breakfast Muffins

This is such an easy throw together recipe that is so delicious and full of good things. The mix can be kept in the fridge for a good 2 weeks and will actually improve in this time! It can be … Continue reading

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