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Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cupcakes

After a wonderful week spent in Paphos, Cyprus, I return to share with you a wonderfully decadent cupcake recipe. A week of eating salad, houmous and pita every day for a week had me craving many of my favourite foods. … Continue reading

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A Wicked Chocolate Cake

Forget an angelic, light, airy, fluffy sponge. This right here is devilishly dark, rich, moist and luxurious. It’s the bad boy of cakes, the cake your parents would never approve of. The cake that’s exciting and dangerous, with tantalising allure. … Continue reading

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Chocolate, Coconut and Date Cake

The topping of this cake is so good, Mat and I found we’d simply decapitated and devoured most of the cake! Chunks of smooth chocolate, crisp and fragrant coconut and brown sugar are a topping combination one couldn’t not love! … Continue reading

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A Gooseberry Breakfast and the Return of the Geese

Can I tempt anyone with a breakfast treat of gooseberry muffins and french toast with coconut yoghurt and fresh gooseberry compote? Yes please. But first, I have to show you the following pictures. Remember the goose who came to visit? … Continue reading

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Vegan Banana Coconut Pancakes

Another variation of vegan pancakes based on this recipe. You can really play with this recipe and use whatever fruit you have on hand. Ingredients: Makes 10 pancakes. 1 Cup All Purpose/Plain Flour 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder 3 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar … Continue reading

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Coconut Macaroons

I have memories of eating coconut macaroons when I was a child. You know the really bad ones that are dry and tasteless but the sugar is enough to please any child! I also remember my fascination with the edible … Continue reading

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Coconut and Raspberry Tarts

I went to bed so excited for the morning, I have the day off work and its pancake day – I felt like a six year old on Christmas eve…..imagining all of the different types of pancakes we would feast … Continue reading

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