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Baking for Street Children

So I am home from my incredible USA adventure which you will hear lots more of shortly, but not before I share with you the bake sale I ran on Tuesday to raise funds for street children across four continents (Africa, … Continue reading

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International Day for Street Children

  The International Day for Street Children: Louder Together is launched on 12th April, a new campaign to give a louder voice to the millions of street children all around the world so their rights cannot be ignored. Governments need … Continue reading

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A Jam Doughnut and A Muffin = Donut Muffins

These were another treat at the StreetInvest cake sale. They are delicious AND JAM FILLED. They taste just like a good fried jam filled donut, despite being baked and being a muffin! Delicious warm from the oven, coated in butter … Continue reading

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Baking for Street Children

  February 9th was a special day for me. I held my first ever cake sale at my offices to raise funds for StreetInvest. For those of you who don’t know, StreetInvest is the charity I work for in Twickenham. … Continue reading

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