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The Daring Cooks – Garlic and Herb Gnocchi in Pepper & Tomato Sauce with Golden Mushrooms

Todd, who is The Daring Kitchen’s AWESOME webmaster and an amazing cook, is our September Daring Cooks’ host! Todd challenged us to make light and fluffy potato Gnocchi and encouraged us to flavor the lil pillows of goodness and go … Continue reading

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Kale Quinoa Stuffed Padron Peppers

Padron peppers are a traditional component of Spanish tapas, fried until blistered, sprinkled with salt and served with cold beer. As much as I love tradition, I don’t drink beer so instead opted to use the emerald peppers as a … Continue reading

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Avocado Blueberry & Orange Muffins – Refined Fat Free

It’s no news that I’m obsessed with baking with avocado. Not only does it replace refined fats with unprocessed, body kind fats but also gives such a wonderful rich, moist crumb to baked goods and a very slight lime hue … Continue reading

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Orange Frangipane Baked Peaches

This is a really fragrant, light dessert that packs serious flavour and comfort into the cavities of a peach. It’s all the flavour of a really delicious frangipane tart but without the calorific pastry and heavy feeling. The beauty is, … Continue reading

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Pistachio, Courgette and Hemp Green Pancakes

Pancakes are such a treat and they satisfy an indulgent craving without being all that indulgent. In fact, these pancakes are full of such goodness that you will feel energised, nutrient fueled and fulfilled! These were just what I needed … Continue reading

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Caramelised Onion Potato Salad

I grew up with potato salad that came in tubs from the supermarket chiller section. Cubes of potato in a gloopy, brilliant white sauce with flecks of green. My mums homemade salad tasted way better and I could devour too … Continue reading

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Sumac Tofu Quinoa and Cucumber Salsa

It’s been a rough past few days with the passing of Binky bunny, his partner Bella’s eye infection and his sister Buttons’ lip accident. They say bad things come in three right? I’m not really sure how Buttons’ injury happened. … Continue reading

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The Daring Cooks – Vegetable Biryani and Tomato Curry

Grace, one of our talented non-blogging Daring Kitchen members, was our Daring Cooks’ August hostess who shared with us some of her family’s tried and true Bengali Biryani recipes – all of them delicious and all of them prepared fresh … Continue reading

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A Simple Side: Chili and Garlic Kale

I often get stuck in a rut when it comes to side dishes. For regular day to day cooking, I don’t want to go all out on a fancy accompaniment to a meal, especially if I have put a lot … Continue reading

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Funfetti Fusilli

Much of the time, my regular daily meals are thrown together, simple concoctions that I wouldn’t even consider sharing on Poppy’s Patisserie because, well, I think it would be quite the insult. Beans on toast, cereal and almond milk, pasta … Continue reading

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