On Being Married, Kitchens and Chickens…


No recipe today, folks. Instead I thought I’d give you brief narrative of my latest musings of life..


Well, I’m married! As of last Saturday 23rd January, I became Mrs Velosa-Ayres when I was lucky enough to marry my soulmate. People often ask, how does it feel now you’re married? It’s a tricky one to answer, ultimately, it feels no different. It’s hard to explain. What does the feeling of marriage feel like?


There are some things to note, like every now and then remembering and getting a surge of excitement, getting used to a new name and being referred to as a ‘wife’ or ‘Mrs’. In our day and age however, we were already like a married couple anyway as I think most marriages are these days. We lived together, shared our lives and belongings and earnings and time and made decisions together, supported one another and loved one another.


Nevertheless, why is it that after a life event such as marriage, we seem to want to plan more? Whether it be starting a family or buying a house or getting a dog. For me, it’s been getting a new kitchen and rescuing more chickens!

BioMalta RAL 7010 Grigio Tenda : Rustic style kitchen by Marcello Gavioli

I’ve found myself dreaming about kitchen ideas even though it’s not all that long ago that we updated our kitchen. I just need more surfaces, I’d love an island, but it’s just not big enough.

Rustic style kitchen by Ing. Vitale Grisostomi Travaglini


Trouble is, I’ve got so much ‘stuff’, appliances, ornaments, utensils, gadgets, pots and pans, and let’s face it, junk, that is largely unused and still in its original packaging, but its got a bunny rabbit on it and ‘I might need it, someday’.

Masia Olive y decorado Jewel Ivory : Rustic style kitchen by Equipe Ceramicas


Kitchens are just such a vital part of a home and whilst searching for our cottage to rent in Wales for our honeymoon, the deciding factor was ultimately on the merits of the kitchen.

Espaço Gourmet : Modern kitchen by Espaço do Traço arquitetura

I’m pretty sure that while I fantasise about my new, improved kitchen with workspace all around (that will inevitably become laden with stuff and I’ll then need more surfaces…), my new husband is fantasising about hiring a skip and throwing out everything. I can’t blame him, I mean, I do have a chopping board that you’re not allowed to actually chop on. You have to put a chopping board on the chopping board. It looks nice. Ok, I sound like a crazy person.

Küche und Essbereich : Modern kitchen by Schmidt Holzinger Innenarchitekten


As for the chickens, well I’ve already got 6 hens due to be rescued from a battery farm in March. Plus a stray young pullet found her way into the wildlife hospital where I work and so I’m fighting over her but she has many admirers. I also have lavish plans for large walk in enclosures in the garden. But then I remember that money doesn’t grow on trees…


Ultimately, we need a bigger house, a bigger kitchen, a bigger garden and loads of room and facilities to rescue more animals. I hope to be well enough to return to work in the late spring, then to finish my degree in September and then maybe we can turn some of these plans into reality…

…Starting with the kitchen, of course!


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50 Responses to On Being Married, Kitchens and Chickens…

  1. Happy Loving Life together, guys! My warmest wishes! 🙂

  2. veggiesaremain says:

    Congratulations! Love your dress – you look beautiful in it

  3. How wonderful! Huge congratulations to you both 😀😀😀😀😀 what lovely photos, you both look very happy and very lovely xx

  4. Congratulations!! Wishing you two many years of happiness!

  5. luinecu says:

    Huge congratulations, Poppy! I’m so glad you were able to have your wedding day, you both look so happy and wonderful together. Wishing you every bit of luck for the future. All the best from Rob and me. xxo

    p.s. Nice kitchens!

  6. Beautiful bride! Congratulations!!!

  7. dianaveggienextdoor says:

    Congrats, Poppy! I agree being married doesn’t feel any different. I actually thought being engaged was the biggest/best change in that we both committed to a future together. The wedding was more of a formality 🙂


    Congratulations from Berlin, Mrs. Bunnykitchen 😉

  9. evesfca says:

    I love this post! Thank you for sharing wedding photos as well as photos of your dream kitchens. I hope all your dreams come true!

  10. IlonaH says:

    Congratulations!! I really hope you are feeling better!

  11. Debra Chan says:


    Sent from my iPad


  12. Congratulations on getting married. Such beautiful photos. I’m getting married in 5 months time and this post has made me all the more excited! ❤

    Enjoy newly wedded bliss!

  13. Kayse says:

    Your wedding photos are beautiful, Poppy. You are one stunningly beautiful woman! Love the kitchen ideas! You having a chopping board that can’t be used made me laugh. I have one that I only use on special occasions because it’s just so nice… I love chickens!! My neighbor has laying hens and I love to go over to their house and pet the chickens and feed them fresh food from the gardens! I’d love to have some of my own rescue chickens one day.

    • Poppy says:

      Hi Kayse, thank you for your lovely message and compliments!!! I am truly blushing!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one with chopping board issues haha!
      Chickens are wonderful creatures, the little girl from my work IS coming to stay and an unwanted cockerel 🙂 Hope you are well lovely 🙂

  14. anastasiias says:

    Congratulations! Wish you long happy life together!

  15. Ketty says:

    You guys look gorgeous, congratulations! Love your dress.

  16. sophelise says:

    Congratulations Poppy!! 🙂 🙂

  17. thesnowwoman says:

    Congratulations you look beautiful and very happy!

  18. elisabetta says:

    Congratulations, beautiful bride and beautiful couple! I agree, you don’t feel the difference right away, but yes, it is a big step. After five years, I realize that, and that if before I could in a way choose everyday, that day I made a promise, to my husband and to God, to be together forever…I like the sound of that 😉 I’m sure you’ll have your new dream kitchen one day! Hope I’ll have one too! Thanks for sharing pictures and feelings! ❤

  19. Nadia says:

    Congratulations! Felicitations! Love your dress.

  20. mommykens726 says:

    Congratulations! What beautiful pictures. I need a bigger kitchen too. I feel your pain:)

  21. natureshut says:

    OMG! Congratulations Poppy! Best of luck to you! What a beautiful kitchen! I’d be dreaming about that kitchen for months if I stayed there. You’ll remember me as the former Culinarily Hedonistic Vegan. 🙂 Did you marry the gentleman you meet a few summers ago? OMG! Time has flew! I can tell you’re doing well though. Take care and good luck!

  22. Congratulations! you look beautiful

  23. brugesvegan says:

    Congratulations! you look glowing!

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