SWIG Luxury Hip Flask Giveaway!


Time for another giveaway because I do love to spoil you guys!


When I was contacted by SWIG, I was intrigued by their product. A hip flask isn’t something I’d usually be interested in but these aren’t any old hip flask, they are luxury, stylish, durable and the only UK hip flask brand. When I read their story, I was even more hooked as it made so much sense to me, a brand that was created after a tiring struggle to find good quality gifts for men and a decent hip flask that wasn’t a comedic item or an antique collectible.


There are a number of ranges and accessories which make a wonderful gift or a long lasting item for yourself. Some of the items are made of leather but SWIG is offering one of their vegan Naked Range flasks worth £61.00 to a lucky reader!


Owners take their SWIGs up mountains, skiing, surfing, sports matches, the big cities, weddings, and much more. You can even register your flask for exclusive benefits.






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35 Responses to SWIG Luxury Hip Flask Giveaway!

  1. traceypeach says:

    I love buying watches for me it’s a gift that always goes down well

  2. iain maciver says:

    yes watches are a great buy I love watches

  3. melanie stirling says:

    For my father in law it’s a bottle of whisky but for everyone else it’s normally aftershave and socks.

  4. I try to buy a man things he will use, eg toiletries,slipprs, or hobby related gifts .My dad loves golf, gardening and fishing so I often buy him golfing clothing or gagets, gardening tools or fishing clothing/items. A flask would be great to give to him to carry around the golf course or for when his is out fishing in his boat or off the shore.

  5. Maxine G says:

    I usually buy hubby dvd’s and cd’s as he loves his music and films. I try to buy him something personal too though

  6. Fiona R says:

    I usually end up buying aftershave as I struggle to think of other things

  7. Mrs Karen Gray says:

    A nice bourbon, engraved cufflinks and, as my husband travels a lot, I like to get him some gifts that make travelling more comfortable.

  8. Lydia Claire says:

    Is this contest open to the USA?


    Well. My answer to the Q will be shocking! 😀 My fav gifts for men is not different than my fav gifts for women: something to surprise them and to create a magic moment that matches their lifestyle. So for some it’ll be something geeky like a game, a collectible, a deco object (Hogwarts marauder’s map, anyone?), for others – ubercool superfoods basket, or a rare tea, or a green & clean fragrance, or a lovely coffeetable photography book, or a beautiful, artisanal item… 🙂 This list has no end!

  10. i struggle when buying gifts for men and usually end up buying smellies or beer lol

  11. Marie says:

    My husband loves tech stuff or special tools.

  12. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Gift vouchers

  13. Kat Lucas says:

    Hubby is a runner so he is easy to buy for and usually gifts like hampers, ties, cologne are good

  14. Hubby collects watches so easy finding new ones

  15. My husband loves T-Shirts and Whiskey/Rum so I try to always buy those for him 🙂

  16. lizzyjanecooper says:

    anything the specific person likes really !

  17. Charlotte says:

    I tend to be dull and go for their favourite spirit. Know they will like it and use it – try to avoid buying clutter

  18. Janine Atkin says:

    something for the car!

  19. Rich Tyler says:

    Aftershave – classic pressie!

  20. denise cross says:

    I tend to find something quirky for them

  21. Katie skeoch says:

    Well I have a few fishermen in the family so anything to do with that is well appreciated

  22. carol says:

    my partner is a sea angler and also loves walking.
    Has to be fishing tackle camera binoculars or of course the HIP FLASK just perfect

  23. Shelley Jessup says:

    I find that a nice alcoholic drink merchandise gift set always pleases for a man’s gift

  24. A lovely bottle of perfume or a stylish watch!

  25. Kate Leather says:


  26. Martina Alban says:

    most I buy of is cufflinks and ties

  27. Emma says:

    Cuff links, ties or puzzle games

  28. I usually get the men in my life a decent bottle of whisky 🙂

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