Cherry Almond ‘Bakewell’ Cheesecake – Raw and Oil Free


Today I have the pleasure of sharing a recipe on Canned Time, written by my wonderful friend Angela as part of her “Family Favorite Dessert” series for 2015 where each month a different blogger shares a recreated and veganized version of a nostalgic dessert recipe.


I knew instantly that I wanted to explore the flavours of my favourite childhood treat – the Bakewell Tart. I could have made a veganized version of the tart itself – a pastry base and jam layer followed by a almond rich frangipane sprinkled with flaked almonds and a drizzle of icing, but I wanted to combine two of my childhood favourite desserts instead.


I started out with a Bakewell pancake recipe, they were incredibly delicious and all the flavour was there. They were tried and tested and photographed way back before my entry was due, but the closer it got to sharing, I started to have doubts. To most of the world, pancakes are more of a breakfast food than a dessert, but here in England, they are much more often seen as a treat or pudding rather than a breakfast. So, I then thought of cheesecake, my other weakness, and figured why not make a Bakewell cheesecake instead? So, that’s what I did and boy am I glad!


Growing up, dessert wasn’t a common feature in my household, saved really for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. It was at friend’s homes I tried most desserts for the first time, including Mr Kipling’s Cherry Bakewells! They became something I dreamed of and longed for and would always beg for when we went food shopping. I would head straight to the plate of mini tarts whenever there was a birthday spread or buffet and would gobble up as many as I could.


I had my first flat share when I was 16 and loved doing my own food shopping and being able to buy all the treats I loved! Back then I could eat a whole box of tarts and some and still wake up with a washboard tummy! It was around this time that I also developed a love for cheesecake. I don’t recall ever having had it before in my childhood years but I had a boyfriend who used to love it and we would buy a frozen cheesecake, simply take it out of the box, grab two spoons and eat it like ice cream!


Of course, when I became vegan, these ready made treats were a thing of the past. I don’t think I ever really considered these kind of things until one day I craved that almondy delicious flavour! Then came Bakewell flavoured everything, including the healthier side by way of a green smoothie but also the indulgent version in cookies! Now to add another to the list of indulgences with this deep filled, rich and creamy cheesecake with all the right flavours to satisfy those wistful cravings that make eating this feel like a big hug!


As part of joining the 2015 event on Canned Time, I was sent a selection of NuNaturals goodies to use to create my dessert. I used the flavoured stevia drops – cherry and vanilla – here. You could try subbing a different sweetener like maple syrup or sugar using a conversion guide, though I have only made this with the above mentioned products.


You’ll need a food processor for the base and preferably a powerful blender for the jam and cheesecake filling. I use the Froothie Optimum 9200* because it’s an excellent power blender which is also more affordable than other brands yet boasts a higher performance spec.





*Optimum 9200 Next Gen

The Optimum 9200 next generation blender is a commercial-grade super blender designed for longevity, versatility and BRAWN. Stronger, faster and more powerful than a Vitamix, the Optimum 9200 will set you up to make amazing soups, the silkiest smoothies, super smooth dips, nut butters, ice cream and more. This is the best blender you’ll ever use and the last blender you’ll ever need. Once you try it, you’ll wish you’d had it all your life. A few features you’re going to love: 

  • Crushes ice in seconds
  • Easy to use, with three speeds, three timer settings and a pulse button
  • 6 blade assembly creates a vortex that will suck your ingredients down and make blending a breeze
  • Super easy to clean and maintain by simply blending water in the jug at high speed
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7 Responses to Cherry Almond ‘Bakewell’ Cheesecake – Raw and Oil Free

  1. chefceaser says:

    Reblogged this on Chef Ceaser.

  2. Sarah Fawcett says:

    This looks so good, we’re going to a family BBQ (if its sunny) /lunch on Sunday, I think I’ll make this to take with us, I bet it’s wonderful

  3. April @ Simplify Your Health says:

    This looks so good Poppy 🙂

  4. cookiesnchem says:

    This looks like such a delicious recipe. Just started reading your blog and I’m so glad I discovered it! Your photos are beautiful and I love all the healthy ingredients you use 🙂

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