Two Simple Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations


I love to get crafty, especially at Christmas. It gives me great pleasure to make tonnes of homemade decorations and gifts for loved ones and it truly is a time of year that I adore.

There are so many easy homemade crafts made with things you may well have tucked away in a cupboard somewhere which can be transformed into pretty and thoughtful gifts or treats for yourself or your festive home! Of course, the one and only Pinterest is the home of crafty Christmas inspiration!

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These tree decorations couldn’t be simpler OK, you may not have wooden scrabble letters but I think most of us have at least a single stray cinnamon stick or even a clean and dry twig and a real or artificial Christmas tree to snip at. The best bit about the mini trees is that they are a fab way to use up scraps of ribbon, lonely buttons or any other stray decorative pieces you may have laying around.


I make these with simple supplies that you likely have or can easily get hold of, no glue guns needed here!


For the mini trees:


These would make awesome wall hanging decorations if you can get hold of some long cinnamon sticks.

  • Cinnamon sticks (or clean, dry sticks)
  • Super/strong hold glue
  • Artificial or real Christmas tree branches
  • Decorative items e.g buttons, glitter, sequins, tinsel, ribbon.
  • Ribbon, twine or string
  • Strong scissors, wire cutters or pruning shears (depending on what type of tree, I used just strong scissors on an artificial tree)
  1. Cut pieces of branch at 3 or more graduated lengths depending on the length of your cinnamon stick, for example a 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch piece to make a tree like shape.
  2. Use the super glue to stick the branches horizontally to the vertical cinnamon stick, at the centre of each branch with the smallest at the top, ending with the longest piece. Be careful not to stick your finger together and do this over newspaper or other protective surface as super glue on your carpet is not a good idea.
  3. Loop your ribbon or twine or string for hanging with a knot, glue to the back of the cinnamon stick. I placed glue over the top as well as under the knot to make sure it was very secure.
  4. Then simply attach decorations as you wish using super glue or double sided tape if you prefer.
  5. Leave to dry and hang!


For the scrabble decorations:P1000823

  • Scrabble letters
  • Super/strong hold glue
  • Ribbon, twine or string
  • PVA glue, optional
  1. Simply arrange the letters into words of your choice, they could be names or festive words. Place a little glue on the right edge of the first letter and press the edge of the next letter on to it, holding firmly until it holds. Repeat with the remaining letters.
  2. Loop your ribbon or twine or string for hanging with a knot, glue to the back centre of the word, placing glue over the top as well as under the knot to make sure it is very secure.
  3. If you wish, cover with a coat of PVA glue which will dry clear and offer a protective layer. Once dry, you can add a second coat for a glossy appearance.
  4. Leave to dry and hang!
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4 Responses to Two Simple Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. laurasmess says:

    These are lovely ideas Poppy! I particularly love the mini trees, we often don’t have space for a real tree (being in an apartment) but those tiny ones would be perfect. Merry Christmas! x

    • Poppy says:

      Thank you Laura! You should try and get hold of longer cinnamon sticks and then have a larger mini tree to hang on a wall or from a door or even stand on a mantelpiece! I would love to know if you give them a go. Since you don’t have a tree, you can usually pick up pine garland in the shops with the tinsel and stuff for pretty cheap and it’ll probably be easier to work with Have fun and merry Christmas to you too xo

  2. Those mini trees are so sweet, Poppy!

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