Cut Backs That Will Improve Your Health and Boost Your Bank Balance

There are probably two things that most people in the world would like to be; healthier and wealthier and the two are more connected than you might think.

Even the healthiest person in the world (Mr Motivator?) probably has days where they feel a little rundown and decide to ‘treat’ themselves to high calorie comfort foods. Sure, we’d all like to be a little healthier, a little brighter-eyed, a touch less tired and maybe one day, if we cut back on the chocolate, coffee and alcohol it might even happen.

The second thing we would all like to be is wealthier. Everyone from the poorest man to the richest king will generally always want a little more. It’s the one thing that unites the entire human race, essentially greed, although it can be hidden beneath a veneer of self-improvement, ambition or drive. Still it’s always nice to have a little more money in your bank account, particularly when you don’t have much, and can’t afford to eat or live.

Now, what if you could combine the two? What if you could eat better, improve your health and have more money? It turns out all you need to do is follow the following steps to get you started.

Ditch that gym membership

Sounds silly, eh? How can not going to the gym help you get healthier? Well, if you’re to take that negative attitude right from the off, it’s not going to get you anywhere! Obviously it will save you money so that’s that angle sorted, but what about making you healthier? Now if you just quit the gym and replace the hours you used to clock up in there with hours spent in front of your laptop looking at Game of Thrones memes then you’re not going to get much fitter (although you will wind up with some great email content come Monday morning). However if you replace gym time with exercise at home or going for a jog, then you could save money and be at least as healthy as you previously were. Go for a run around the park, do press-ups and sit-ups or even a long walk. In fact there are positively loads of exercises you can do at home.

Drop the coffee

Come on. You didn’t think this would be easy now, did you? Tea and coffee are two of the most common vices the world over. Most of us can’t function unless we have at least one cup of coffee in the morning. Until that time we can generally function with all the skill of a dehydrated fish. So cut back on the cups of coffee and tea. It’s going to suck at first, let’s not sugar-coat this. Depending on your levels of dependence you’re probably going to get some headache withdrawals and be feeling pretty sleepy for a bit. But after a week or two the fog will clear and you’ll realise that the world – and probably your heart – will feel that much better. You’ll be a touch healthier and your bank balance a little higher too.


If you’re living in the Big City (or any city really) then chances are you spend quite a lot on transport, whether it’s public transport or petrol for your car. So a fairly simple solution to this expenditure is to, you know, not do it. OK, in some cases to ditch the transport completely, might not be feasible, however maybe you could get a bus half the way and walk the rest. That way you will probably save a little money and also get all the benefits of a good constitutional.

Stop eating out

It can seem difficult cooking for yourself constantly. It can be a bit of a hassle at the end of a draining day, it can take a while and, if you’re not the greatest or most imaginative cook in the world, the food might not be as exciting as the local takeaway. So eating out can seem like a much more appealing option. Of course, eating out once in a while is no bad thing, but doing it two or three times a week is certainly going to put a dent in your bank balance and probably an increase on the scale. So why not stay at home and cook for yourself, and make some healthy grub while you’re at it.  Switching to healthier food will actually save you money anyway and will improve your health, make a big pot of nourishing vegetable soup made with cheap reduced produce or frozen vegetables, freeze in individual portions and you’ve got yourself a homemade, healthy and delicious ready meal for every day of the week at the price of a single ready meal from the chiller in the supermarket.



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8 Responses to Cut Backs That Will Improve Your Health and Boost Your Bank Balance

  1. efwalt says:

    Drop eating out?! :O I don’t think I could ever do that!!! Not because I don’t like cooking at home – to the contrary, I am a food blogger after all – but just because I think its good to go out and see what professional chefs have to offer. I just pick the healthiest option on the menu 🙂 win-win!

    • coolkumquat says:

      I agree! Eating out isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just what people choose to eat that may not be all that good.
      Personally, I love eating out because it’s a great social occasion 😀

  2. Sophie33 says:

    These are all great tips! xxx
    To save money! 2 per week, I make my dinner for 3 or 4 instead for the 2 of us. This way, my hubby takes something healthy to work, to eat at luchtime & it saves me a lot of money.

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Another great tips: grow your veggies or herbs yourself! It is better to eat, digest & at the end it saves a lot of money too! xxx And gardening is great to meet other people, is healthy for the exercise & relaxes me! x

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