In need of a private chef UK based, to cater your upcoming event? There are a plethora of chefs to choose from, so how do you choose?


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Obviously you will want to try and find the best private chef you can but it can be difficult to differentiate them. The best option is to get a series of quotes and speak to the various chefs and see which one offers the most bespoke service to match your taste and budget. Reading reviews and testimonials can help as they provide an invaluable insight into their quality and standards.

Regardless of how you research them, you should know what to expect from the top chefs so you get the best service. Whether you are looking to host a buffet, a banquet, a cocktail party or something in between, there is always a company out there ready to meet your needs with professional chefs and staff. What you want is one that will provide the most enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests. You want a high-quality chef with lots of proven experience who will work with you to create the perfect event.

You should be able to easily discuss the menu with the chef. If you know what you want to serve then the chef should go along with you, but will likely suggest ways the menu could be improved or enhanced, which is always a good thing. However if, like most, you only have a vague idea of what you want on the menu or a theme you want to base the menu around, then the chef should have a constructive discussion to help you make the best decision. They may have set menus they want you to choose from, but should be open to mixing and matching in order to provide you with what you want. They should never bully you into making a decision that suits their desires.

In your discussions with the chef there are a lot of details they will need to know before they can give you a quote or even start on a menu. First and foremost are the numbers of guests expected, an obvious requirement but be sure to inform the chef about any changes in numbers as soon as you know and try and be as exact as possible. If you are too vague on numbers you could end up overspending or worse, have people go hungry. Once the chef has the numbers they need to know the type of event and any themes involved, this will determine the type of service and the potential choices of menu. The final detail that needs to be discussed is the location. The chef will need to know what the setup at the venue is, from equipment to space and staff as it may be necessary to hire additional equipment and personnel. Once all of this has been decided you should be well on the way to having your event fully catered.

It is also important to note where the chef is based. Whether you are from London or Liverpool, using a private chef UK based rather than abroad will improve the quality and costs as they will have better established contacts that will be able to get the best ingredients for you. The more local they are the better, as they can get fresher and tastier food.

This is a guest post from Ideal Party by Bertrand Munier.

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6 Responses to In need of a private chef UK based, to cater your upcoming event? There are a plethora of chefs to choose from, so how do you choose?

  1. This is excellent advice!

  2. ” If you know what you want to serve then the chef should go along with you ” It is very much OK in terms of ingredients ( preferring poultry, vegetables etc) but not in term of recipes. It is more advisable to let a chef suggest a set of dishes for the decision of a client. Cheers

  3. I’d love to have a private chef come to my house once or twice a week Poppy (oh I wish!!!). Celeste 🙂

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