Raspberry Vinegar


This fruity vinegar takes a sweet, rich balsamic to a whole new level, adding another dimension to dressings, sauces or enhancing the flavour of fresh berries. It is incredible simply drizzled as it is onto salads, acting as the most intense, delicious fat free dressing.


This takes a week from mixing to bottling, but you really don’t have to do anything in that time except give it a little mix up every now and then, which I’m sure you’ll be willing to do as you want to watch your berries floating in vinegar develop into a deep red, fragrant, syrupy concoction. I couldn’t leave mine alone.

IMG_3420This is a great way to use up frozen berries or fresh f you have them, but frozen berries break down quicker and easier. Perhaps you have a freezer full of berries stored from summer, this would be a great way to honour them.


Of course, this makes a fantastic gift and you can multiply the recipe to make as much as you need to fill pretty bottles. It will keep for at least 6 months so you can write the best before date on the label for your gift recipients.


P.s this stuff is amazing drizzled over root vegetables before roasting.

Ingredients: Makes 750ml/3 cups

  • 450 g/1lb raspberries, frozen
  • 625 ml/ 2.5 cups balsamic vinegar (or white or cider vinegar, or a mixture)


  1. Take a large non metallic bowl and mix together the frozen berries and vinegar. Cover with clingfilm and leave at room temperature or in the fridge for a week.
  2. After the first day, go in with a spoon or masher and give the berries a squash. Do this preferably every day for the rest of the week.
  3. When ready, the vinegar should have changed to a deep red colour and smell of the berries. Strain through a sieve and remove any froth before pouring through a funnel into sterilised bottles and sealing.


Calorie Count :: New Recipe
Per tbsp

Nutritional Benefits

No saturated fat
No cholesterol
Very low in sodium
Very high in dietary fiber
Very high in manganese
Very high in vitamin C
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43 Responses to Raspberry Vinegar

  1. umm hello healthy salad dressing! That sounds amazing! Zach would LOVE it!

  2. That sounds amazing!! I have a bag of raspberries in the freezer and badly need to defrost freezer. I’m going to try this, thanks!

  3. Mmm! I might try this as a gift for Christmas!

  4. Yum! This looks soooo great! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    This sounds great and I’ve never thought of this before! I have some cranberries in the freezer that I might be doing this with very soon.

  6. I never say No to raspberries. Love it!

  7. foodbod says:

    Such a beautiful rich colour, what a lovely gift 🎅

  8. We’ve been playing around with infusing vodka, but I had not thought of infusing vinegars. This is so pretty and looks delicious.

  9. neetukushi says:

    What a great gift idea! 🙂

  10. chinskitchen says:

    Wow wow wow one vinegar and so many uses, dressing, dipping……….bookmarking this one

  11. deliciouslynell says:

    Delish! I love raspberry vinegar! :3

  12. I love this idea! Store-bought flavored vinegar is so expensive. I’m already thinking of how I could use this in a dessert 🙂

    • Poppy says:

      You’re right, I never buy it, ever! It’s so easy to make and of course you can swap the berries for something like blackberries or strawberries etc and the fact that frozen fruit is better here makes it even more economical! 😀

  13. It is an interesting dressing, I like to try it later, thanks! 🙂

  14. Sophie33 says:

    Oooh,..This is so easy to make & what a difference it makes!
    Tasty food gifts, indeed! 🙂 Thanks! x

  15. How great! It sounds so tasty!

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  17. I love this recipe Poppy!! And what an adorable kitty photo girlfriend – love it! 🙂

  18. Great idea and the possibilities are endless. I’ve thought about giving homemade dressings as gifts before but I have no idea how long they last, so I was kind of iffy. This would be really great over roasted veggies or salad.

    • Poppy says:

      Yes I see your hesitation with dressings, I guess it depends what they are made up of. It’s amazing on salad, especially on peppery leaves like rocket or watercress 😀

  19. dapperdolly says:

    Excellent idea, I love a variety of vinegars!

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