Animal Heroes – The Dolphin Caught by a Fishing hook and Line

This is quite a moving story of when a dolphin, entangled in fishing line with a hook was lodged in its pectoral fin, circled a group of divers before, quite literally, pleading for help by pushing her injured fin against one diver who, shakily, took out his knife and began attempting to untangle her.

At one point, the dolphin swims up to the surface to breathe, but comes right back to the diver for the next round of untangling.

Watch the video here and read more here.


And whilst were on the subject of marine mammals, I urge you to check out Blackfish, the documentary showing real footage of the brutal history of how Orcas came to be in sea entertainment parks around the world and the devastating effects this has had on their well-being and thus, their trainers. Check out HeartBound for a descriptive review.

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20 Responses to Animal Heroes – The Dolphin Caught by a Fishing hook and Line

  1. This was beautiful. Dolphins are such amazing creatures!

  2. HeartBound says:

    Amazing…thanks for sharing this Poppy. I’m always really moved by videos and stories where animals ask for help and they get the help they need. Thanks so much for the link back as well :-).

    • Poppy says:

      You’re so welcome! Than you for introducing me to Blackfish!
      This is such a beautiful illustration of the sentience, intelligence, compassion of dolphins but so sad that this happened to her in the first place 😦

  3. Oh my gosh! That seriously is amazing. What a cool story.

    • Poppy says:

      I know, isn’t it incredible. The best bit for me is that fact that the diver’s trembling hands show that this is real and not a set up thing!

  4. sophiazerg says:

    I’ve been eager to watch Blackfish, I will see if I can find it on Netflix.
    This is such a touching story, Poppy.

  5. What an amazing story! It reminds me of the time Mambo got a sticker in his paw and stopped, held it up for me while looking at me with his pleading eyes. Animals are so smart and sensitive, how do so many people not recognize this?

    • Poppy says:

      Oh what an adorable story of little Mambo! Bless him. I just love their innocence and vulnerability yet hate it at the same time as it is taken advantage of 😦

  6. That’s such an amazing story. I have to stop reading happy animal stories for the day though – they make me tear up just as much as the sad ones 🙂 Thanks for sharing Poppy x

  7. Wow this is an incredible story! How sweet!

  8. Awwww, stories related to animals will make me cry and I feel for them and I love them all equally! Dolphins are remarkable creatures, even human beings, and well done, Diver!

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