Asparagus & Tomato Basil Couscous, & a vegan feta!

Kelly’s pearl cous cous with asparagus and tomatoes and Baked Almond Feta looks so divine!


finished salad_large

There wasn’t much going on in my kitchen this week since I was away (mostly work, but managed to squeeze in a hike featuring falls).  Luckily, I thought ahead and took some pics of this salad I made last weekend. Our local farmer’s market has had beautiful asparagus recently, so I’ve been on a bit of an asparagus tear.  This recipe from Tracy (aka Shutterbean) is definitely a keeper.

Toasted pine nuts give a subtle crunch and almost smoky flavor.

toasting pine nuts

Grape tomatoes to brighten the color.

cut grape tomatoes

Mmm, farm-fresh grilled asparagus.  A grill pan does a pretty darn good job in lieu of the real deal.

grilling asparagus_2

Instead of using traditional or flavored couscous, I opted for whole wheat pearl / Israeli couscous.  I like the added health factor of a whole wheat pasta (yes, couscous is technically pasta) and thought a larger size would work well with the hefty, large…

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17 Responses to Asparagus & Tomato Basil Couscous, & a vegan feta!

  1. Sounds great and I’m really intrigued by the almond cheese! Definately will try that!

  2. Sophie33 says:

    That’s a grand recipe & she uses your home-made baked feta recipe: double yum!

  3. Looks delish! Great summer salad!

  4. acrusteaten says:

    Love salads filled with vegetables. Looks great and very summery!

  5. Katiepies says:

    Love this combination and this type of couscous is a nice change!

  6. thanks for the reblog Poppy!

  7. EatwithNamie says:

    Oh, what a coincident! I got a bag of pearl couscous from my boyfriend’s parents and didn’t know what to do. Here you go. 😉

  8. foodandword says:

    I just picked some fresh asparagus today…I’m thinking this recipe is going to be in our near future! Thanks for sharing!

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