Please Pray for My Chicken, Lynxy.

My lovely chickie Lynxy has gone missing. Please pray that she is not harmed and is safe and well and that she may even find her way home.

Thank you!

Baby Lynxy

Baby Lynxy

Lynxy in April, aged 1

Lynxy in April, aged 1



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50 Responses to Please Pray for My Chicken, Lynxy.

  1. I’m sorry to hear she is missing! Keep us updated! I hope she is safe, and unharmed!

    • Poppy says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts. Hopefully I will have a happy post of ‘she’s home!’ soon!

      • Also, out of curiosity, do you have more chickens? Do you raise them for company or for their eggs? I hope to have a farm someday, but I am indifferent about whether or not to sell eggs at farmers markets as a vegan. I feel as though I am at peace with it – as long as I don’t consume them myself, but I am still undecided! The thought of a “she’s home! post beings a smile to me, good luck!

      • Poppy says:

        That’s sweet of you thank you.
        Yes I have 2 more chickens (Layla and Trixie) as well as Lynxy. I don’t keep them for eggs but because I just love them, they’re such great fun and really affectionate and funny! They do lay although not much as they are a bantam breed and my partner usually eats the eggs or he uses them at work (he’s a chef). I see your difficult decision but I don’t want to sway you at all, you have to do what you feel is right. There are so many ways to look at it, and there’s also options. You could farm without chickens or you could use it as a way of highlighting animal welfare in relation to eggs etc. Sorry if that wasn’t at all helpful! 🙂

      • No, that was great! Thank you very much! Any and all insight is beyond helpful. Like my title says, I am “In the Weeds!” You are an inspiration!

      • Poppy says:

        You’re so sweet, bless you! I’m always happy to help 🙂

  2. hurriedvegan says:

    So sorry to hear this. Really hope she returns safely- I’m sure she will x

    • Poppy says:

      That’s really kind of you, thank you so much! I’m like a worried mum sitting by the window even though I can’t see because it’s dark and she’s black! 🙂

  3. Sheila says:

    😦 crossing my fingers she gets home safe and sound

  4. aww. praying for a safe return!

  5. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that! Have you checked around to make certain she’s not just sitting on eggs? My chickens have given me a few scares, I was positive one of them was gone for good when I hadn’t seen her for weeks. Then one day she appeared looking proud as punch with five little chicks following after her! The sneaky thing hid so well, I never did find the nest. Hope Lynxy turns up soon, I will be praying she’s just hiding like mine was! 🙂

    • Poppy says:

      Trinity that’s a sweet story! Did you have a rooster or did she find one nearby?
      I’ve looked (I think) everywhere – in bushes, neighbours, knocked on doors etc. Her sisters have gone really funny since, they’re not leaving the coop.
      Thanks for your advice! 🙂

      • Yes we did have a rooster at the time, but it is not unusual for chickens to try to nest even without a rooster around! That’s concerning that her sisters are so unsettled, I would be checking to make sure that there isn’t a fox or a snake visiting at night. Hope Lynxy turns up soon, keep us up to date 🙂

      • Poppy says:

        Yes I know they nest without a rooster but she’s unlikely to turn up with little chicks like yours (unless she’s found herself a boyfriend!). No sign of a fox as far as we can tell, she was around in the day and last seen around 4pm then at about 5 I realised she was gone, I would have heard them if it was a predator etc so I think it’s a case of her wandering somewhere. Well, only time will tell. Thanks 🙂

  6. genevieveyam says:

    Keeping Lynxy in my thoughts- I hope she returns to you safe and sound soon!

  7. charanyaram says:

    Ohhh 😦 I am sure she will get back home safe

  8. SarahOmaha says:

    Praying she gets home safe!

  9. laurasmess says:

    Awww, Poppy!! I hope you find her soon! Will definitely be praying that she comes home safe and well. Take care xx

  10. I hope she comes home safe and sound very soon!!!

  11. So sorry about to hear about Lynxy Poppy. I’ll keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers. Celeste:)

  12. Sophie33 says:

    I hope she hasn’t been eaten by a fox! I hope she returns safely home. She is a beauty too!

  13. I hope she gets home safely soon! ~Victoria

  14. nancyc says:

    Sorry to hear that, and praying your chicken returns safely to you.

  15. Sorry to hear Lynxy is missing. A missing pet is a horrible thing to have to cope with. I know any animal of mine is part of the family so it’s very upsetting and stressful when you don’t know where they are. Fingers crossed she appears soon.

    • Poppy says:

      Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you. Yes she really is part of the family, and is very loved. Thank you for your good wishes 🙂

  16. 😦 I hope she finds her way home.

  17. Holly J says:

    I hope you find Lynxy!! So sad. I’m sorry.

  18. will start praying…

  19. jennypugh says:

    Oh no, Poppy, is she still missing? I hope she comes home safe and sound 🙂

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