Easter Treats – Hot Cross Buns, Fridge Cake and Chocolates

2013-04-01 07.47.12

My birthday fell on Easter Monday this year for the third time in my life so far, the first time being the day I was born.

It was a great day, seeing special friends and family and a delicious meal at 222 Veggie Vegan restaurant in Kensington which is now a new favourite of mine. Other vegetarian restaurant favourites include The Gate in Hammersmith and Food for Friends in Brighton.

2013-03-31 23.32.49

Easter Sunday was spent baking Hot Cross Buns, and whipping up chocolate moulds and fridge cake for the young ones in my life. I have two gorgeous nephews, Nico and Luis and a superstar little sister, Mia.

2013-03-31 23.14.48

Nico and Mia joined the birthday meal posse on Monday. Mia enjoyed a butternut squash risotto and Nico a tomato and broccoli pasta. Nico thought that it meant he was now a vegan, he said he could feel the change in his body. Awww….

It’s was another snowy day here in Kent…is anyone else getting freaked out by this bizarre weather?!

2013-04-01 00.01.23

These Hot Cross buns were lovely and vibrant with a citrus tang that made them really special. I doubled the recipe to make 32 buns as I was giving them as gifts at six a piece. I used 2/3 almond milk to 1/3 water instead of all cows milk; I used soya spread instead of butter in the dough and omitted the fat from the cross paste and just added an extra tablespoon of water; I glazed with almond milk before baking instead of the egg and glazed with melted apricot fruit spread thinned with a little water instead of the sugar syrup after baking so only needed the 125g sugar (per recipe/16 buns).

2013-04-01 07.47.03

I intend to bake another batch with my leftover oranges to freeze. Who says Hot Cross Buns are only for Easter? Not me.

2013-03-31 23.15.07

The fridge cake was incredibly easy to make and went down a storm with the little ones. I used chocolate chip cookies for the biscuits; subbed soya spread for the butter, omitted the white chocolate (I thought there was enough of a chocolate overload already!), swapped Rice Krispies for cocoa cornflakes and topped with gelatine free jelly mini eggs.

2013-03-31 23.13.44 2013-03-31 23.11.06

The chocolates were no more than a five minute job. I had these Easter moulds hiding away in a drawer that were just asking to have their dust removed and be filled with chocolate. I obliged, and they served to make the cutest little Easter chocolates.

2013-03-31 23.29.01

I simply melted 300g chocolate and spooned into the moulds and left to set in the fridge. Use whatever chocolate you like milk style, dark, white. I think cooking chocolate works best to set with a nice shine without tempering.

2013-03-31 23.30.47

2013-03-31 23.24.06

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2 Responses to Easter Treats – Hot Cross Buns, Fridge Cake and Chocolates

  1. I thought I missed my chance to make hot cross buns, but your photos and dairy free modifications to the recipe are starting to convince me otherwise!

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