Garganelli and Basil Almond Pesto


Fresh, homemade pasta is something I need to indulge in every now and again. It makes a lovely gift, hand shaped, partially dried and bagged. I love to offer it with a simple sauce like the Basil and Almond Pesto here. This batch of garganelli was for my mums last birthday.

The garganelli stripper I got in a small cook shop for about £3, so not at all expensive. Of course, you can find them online also. If you don’t have or want one, shape the pasta however you like, strips of pappardelle or tagliatelle are simple and fun.

There’s a good visual guide on how to use the board to make garganelli here.


I opt to use this fantastic vegan option for the pasta which the Vegan Dad illustrates so well. He even has a recipe for pumpkin pasta!


As for the pesto, I cannot give you a real recipe. My recipe for pesto is, find what you have and blitz with garlic and oil. So, leftover soft herbs like basil, parsley and chives or leaves like watercress and spinach. Add to a processor with a clove or two of garlic, a good pinch of salt and pepper, a handful of nuts if you like and a splash of oil and whizz. Voila..



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