Raspberry and Cherry Clafoutis

Having never tried the traditional egg based clafoutis, it’s impossible for me to do any non-vegan/vegan comparison. What I can say is that regardless of its comparability  to its non vegan counterpart, this dessert was delicious. Rich, creamy, warming, gooey and perfectly sweet. It had a wonderful crisp top embedding a soft, fruity underneath. The fruit added perfect balance to the sweet batter. It was light yet very satisfying. Not so good for the hips; great for the soul.

This was a real diamond find, thanks to google. I used raspberries and cherries from my local farm, I’m sure you could substitute most fruits. I’m going to make it next with gooseberries. I didn’t use the brandy, and used almond milk, other than that followed the recipe as it reads. Delicious.

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2 Responses to Raspberry and Cherry Clafoutis

  1. looks amazing! so glad to know about your blog! 🙂 looking forward to trying some of these recipes even though baking intimidates the hell out of me…

    • Poppy says:

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy the recipes – I promise I go for as foolproof as possible, I like simple baking, you’ll be fine!! 🙂

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