The Great Pineapple Tart Failure of May 2012


This tart promised so much, but delivered so little. It looked so glorious, prominent and bright on the serving plate, I gasped in horror as I cut in, and tasted with such excitement to find it tasted of nothing. Nothing. And it had an appearance and mouthfeel that I can only describe as a resemblance of frogspawn.


Was it me? The recipe? Or the pineapple? I don’t know. But this beautiful looking tart was destined for the bin 😦 .

Where did it go wrong? The crust tasted nice but it was soggy. It was a mixture of ground almonds, biscuit crumbs, sugar and melted margarine. It was baked for 8 minutes at 200c, maybe it needed longer?

As for the filling, it just tasted watery and very bland. It was a kind of curd made with a whole fresh pineapple, sugar, cornflour, lemon zest, cinnamon, agar agar and water. I can’t see how all those punchy flavours ended up so tasteless? Maybe too much water? Maybe I should try using pineapple juice as the liquid instead of plain water? Is it possible that my pineapple just wasn’t very flavoursome?

Anyone got any ideas?

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