Monkey Cake!


This cake was made for Jess’s nephew’s 3rd birthday a few weeks ago. He has an allergy to eggs so the cake is an egg free chocolate sponge baked in two 8 inch round sandwich tins. An alternative egg (and dairy) free method is to use a shop bought cake mix and make up with a can of diet cola, omitting the eggs, oil etc that the mix asks for. Sounds crazy but it works perfectly and its so easy!

Once you’ve got your 2 sandwich cakes baked and cooled, fill and cover with a layer of chocolate buttercream, shop bought or home made. Using a plain vanilla buttercream, spread a little in the centre to make the monkeys face, using the picture above as a guide to the shape. Cover the remaining chocolate buttercream, all around the face and the sides of the cake, with chocolate rice cereal like coco pops or chocolate cornflakes. Use some chocolate writing icing or meted chocolate in a small piping bag with a small plain nozzle to pipe on the nose and mouth of the monkey. Place some chocolate buttons as eyes. Decorate with monkey and banana sweets.

Adapted from here.

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