Bow Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my big sister, Emily’s 23rd birthday in October. Its a 2 tier cake with a chocolate base and toffee top layer. We went for dinner on her birthday where I presented her with the cake and she wouldn’t let us have any as she didn’t want to cut into it! She did eventually though!

As with all my decorated cakes, this is stylish and impressive but without the difficulty level and need for special equipment. Try it, even if you’ve never decorated a cake before, you’ll surprise yourself!

What you need:

2 sturdy cooled cakes, 1 x  9 inch round and 1 x 7 inch round

2 450g sheets of ready rolled white icing

a 10 inch cake board

about 250g each of white and black ready to roll fondant or 500g white and black colouring (or colour of choice)

250g icing sugar

Natural vegan food colouring of choice, such as pink

Apricot jam

edible glitter or lustre dust


  1. Place the base cake in the centre of the cake board and brush with the melted jam.
  2. Unravel the rolled icing and gently place over the top of the cake and smooth down with your hands over the top and sides of the cake. Smooth with an icing smoother if you have one and trim the excess at the edges with a small sharp knife.
  3. Brush the top cake with the melted jam and ice as above with the second roll of icing, trimming the excess. Place the iced top cake on top of the base cake on the cake board.
  4. Use the white and black icing to make bows using this tutorial. Knead the colour into the icing until uniform if using white icing and colouring.
  5. Finish with a present using a block of icing shaped into a cube and ribbon added in a different colour.
  6. Make up the icing following package instructions for a thick piping icing and colour as desired. Use a star piping tip to make a border round the base of the cakes.
  7. Dust with edible glitter or lustre dust.


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