Polka Dot Birthday Cake

This fun polka dot cake was made for my big sister’s birthday in October. It was surprisingly simple to make and its a great template for variations!

Off to see Incubus tonight wohoo! After being ripped off on Gumtree for Rihanna tickets, its nice to have my ticketmaster tickets in hand! I should be doing Uni reading but life’s too short, right? Besides, its reading week next week so that’s the time for that!

I have to say, this cake looks cool but it also tastes amazing. I can’t stand it when a cake looks totally perfect but it just loses points on flavour or texture. This happened to me yesterday, I bought a slice of carrot cake from a fancy pants stall at the Farmers Market for £2 and I gave it to the pigeons. Yes, it was that bad, inedible, I couldn’t taste a trace of sugar or spice or anything nice, it was just a soggy under-baked mass of carrots and nuts. But it looked stunning, so are we paying for the aesthetics alone now? Personally, I’d prefer to pay for a standard or even ugly looking cake that tasted sublime.

The cake is this carrot cake baked in a 9 inch springform for about 35 minutes and a deep 7 inch tin for about 40 minutes until a skewer is clean.

To decorate:

About 1.2kg white fondant icing (I used 2 x 450g ready rolled and a block of ready-to-roll)

1 9-10 inch round silver cake board

250g icing sugar

few drops of natural vegan food colouring of choice

50g each strawberry and orange chocolate buttons or coloured fondant discs

Smooth apricot or other jam


  1. Place the base 9 inch cake on the board, heat the jam until runny and brush over the cake, cover the cake with the rolled white icing, gently smoothing it down and into the edges. Trim off any excess and cover so it doesn’t dry out.
  2. Place the smaller cake on a board and ice as above, trim then place on top of the carrot cake. If you are using different cakes, prepare the one likely to be the heaviest to be the bottom tier or use supports such as straws cut to the height of the cake to hold the top tier.
  3. Roll the remaining icing into small beads or balls to decorate the edges and press around the base of each cake, you can use a dab of water to help sticking if its a little dry.
  4. Prepare the icing sugar as per package instructions for a thick piping icing incorporating the food colouring. Use a small plain tip to make small dots randomly over the cakes, use these dots to stick the coloured buttons or fondant discs. Pipe decorations as you like over the cake with the icing, it will peak so if you want smoother blobs, press down with a damp finger before the icing is fully dry.

Three Sisters 🙂

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2 Responses to Polka Dot Birthday Cake

  1. Gee, I hope my sister makes me something like this for my birthday! Absolutely gorgeous…

    • Poppy says:

      Haha me too! Thanks Movita! My sisters have me working hard, their birthdays are just ten days between each other! Will be posting the second sisters cake soon! Poppy

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