A Beautiful Setting for Barbecued Doughnuts

This serene place is Virginia Water in Surrey UK. Also known as Windsor Great Park.

London had some amazing hot weather this just gone weekend, reaching highs of 30’c. We decided to visit Virginia Water, which is just ten minutes from us, in my new car (passed my test 2 weeks ago today!). This was the first time I’d ever been here despite it being so close, it isn’t very accessible by public transport from where I live. So hurrah for the car! We packed our bikes in the boot, grabbed some food and disposable barbecue’s in the petrol garage and off we set!

It was such a wonderful time, sitting outside, the sun no longer burning but hot enough for comfort and the water rippling and whirling right beside us. That is just not something we come across often in our lives – it was magical.

And to top it all of we had barbecues! Great fun that was! We got two, so that I could have my own vegetarian one, but mine was a nightmare to get started – however Mat was in his element as this meant that he could set fire to more things and he loves fire! :/

Anyway, we forgot the plastic cutlery from the car so we turned our food with sticks, but eventually Mat rode to get them so we could eat the coleslaw!

Anyway, the highlight of the whole day for me was the doughnuts! Has anyone ever barbecued doughnuts before?! They were sooo yummy and such fun to do, watching all the sugar sizzle and caramelize. Oh the simple things that excite me! They were chocolate filled doughnuts so all the chocolate oozed out….mmmmmm….. I urge you to barbecue doughnuts if you haven’t already!

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