Three Minute Flapjacks

Microwaves often get a lot of slack. I agree that ‘microwave ready meals’ are not a great thing, although I admit I turn to them sometimes. But, a microwave can actually be a great thing and can be used to prepare ‘real’ food also. When I house-shared, all I had was a microwave for 2 years and maintained a healthy, nutritious diet.

Anyway, who can hate a microwave when they can give you lovely, warm, chewy, fruity flapjacks in three minutes?!


85g vegan margarine

2tbsp golden syrup

85g soft brown sugar

150g oats

135g dried fruit, chopped if large (e.g raisins, dried apricots etc)


  • Melt the margarine, syrup and sugar together in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute. Stir then mix in the remaining ingredients until combined.
  • Place into a suitable dish such as a 20cm round shallow dish, lined with greasproof paper,  press to smooth and microwave for 3 minutes until bubbling. I used these small heart dishes and reduced the time to 2 minutes which was plenty time for this size.
  • Leave to cool completely before cutting into slices.
Adapted from BBC Easy Cook mag June 2011.
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