Cookie Crisp and Caramel Cookies

For those of you who don’t know, Cookie Crisp is a breakfast cereal by Nestle which is like mini cookies and is ultra yummy! I had mega cookie cravings the other night, I just had to have a choc chip cookie or ten. But of course, I had no chocolate as wasn’t about to walk to the shop on my own at past 10 at night. So, I had this genius idea – use cookie crisp, it’ll be like cookie cookies! I also found some chocolate caramel cake bars (you know, the individually wrapped bars) so I thought I could chop them up too. And the result was amazing, it must have been, only a good cookie was gonna cure that craving! The Cookie Crisp made these cookies ridiculously chewy (in a good sense)!

This is Cookie Crisp!

So, to make these yummy beauties, use the basic recipe from here but use about 50g cookie crisp cereal and 3 or 4 caramel cake bars chopped up or vegan caramel chocolate. Simples!

Also, I added 1tbsp cocoa powder to half of the dough for extra chocolatiness! (Above)

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4 Responses to Cookie Crisp and Caramel Cookies

  1. Is cookie crisp still on the market? What a fun, innovative use for a cereal that could otherwise be so overwhelming in large amounts! I have used cinnamon toast crunch in an apple cookie before, but it seemed to get very soggy. How did you get it to stay, well, cookie crispy? (pun intended)
    I definitely like the addition of a little extra cocoa powder. Perhaps ground chocolate+cocoa powder would be an fun approach to get the same impact and end result.

    • Poppy says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Cookie Crisp is still available where I live, but it depends where in the world you are?
      I didn’t actually ‘do’ anything to keep the cereal ‘cookie crispy’! It just worked! I didn’t find it at all soggy. Perhaps the moisture from the apple didn’t help yours stay crisp. This is quite a firm dough which won’t be releasing moisture whilst baking like apple dough would, I imagine that is why. It’s definitely a canvas to be played with – ground chocolate would be great! Poppy 🙂

  2. Putting cookie crisp into a cookie itself? Now THAT’S genius!

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