Spiced Apple Tea, Granola and Rosemary Almond Crackers


I have found it impossible to narrow down my list of food gift recipes to try, so I’ve decided to just work through the list until I run out of time!


Here are some of the wonderful recipes I got to try today which were wonderful. Get them packaged quick to avoid the temptation to nibble! I have to admit, I gave myself a Christmas present of a Tupperware full of the granola – it was  just so good, I had to…


The great thing about all three of these recipes is that they are incredibly adaptable and you can really play with them and flavour them in so many ways.


Spiced Apple Tea

I used this recipe from Country Living, using a blend of chai tea, green tea and Assam tea in equal quantities. I quadrupled the recipe to make 4 generous gift bags full. I also skipped the sugar which wasn’t necessary.




This is the best granola I have ever tasted and even better it is fat free. I used this recipe from Cook Vegetarian as the basis but using sunflower seeds instead of pumpkin seeds and agave instead of honey. For the dried fruit element, I used a blend of whole almonds, goji berries, a few cocoa nibs, coconut flakes, dried pineapple and raisins and sultanas. It truly is divine with the crisp cornflakes. I will be making this regularly! Also, it makes a tonne, I had two big mixing bowls full, perfect for bagging as gifts.

Fotor121825949 Fotor121825849

Rosemary Almond Crackers


These fat free crackers from KitchenCoop are twice baked, similar to a biscotti. You first bake the batter in loaf tins, cool then slice and bake again on each side to crisp up. I used lucuma here instead of the sugar, agave instead of honey and made a vegan ‘buttermilk’ with almond milk and 2 tbsp vinegar. I added half a cup of salted almonds.

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      1. I wondered if you have come across Daily Bread in Northampton? It’s a great place for nuts and dried fruits and flours and all sorts of healthy and organic ingredients and they have an online shop and delivery service. It’s worth a look, the quality of their products has always been great, I’ve been very happy with them:

      2. Oh wow, no I haven’t but will definitely check them out! I usually use Real foods online but will try this place out. Thank you very much! :)

      3. I’ve used real foods too, but I preferred daily bread. It’s not far from me but I still order online – if I go in person it costs me a fortune!!! I’ve had a lot of dried fruit and nuts from them and they’re such nice quality. But they’ve got a lot of products that I’d only found on Amazon before. Check out their product list, it’s massive!

    1. Oh that is so adorable, dropping it on doorsteps, what a lovely surprise it must have been for them! I don’t think it would survive the weather here however!

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