Saffron, Orange and Pomegranate Pilaf


Rice is known as one of those staples that brings fear into home cooks. Everyone has a different method that they swear by and the instructions on the back of packets never lead to perfect fluffy rice. With the invention of pouches of microwaveable ready cooked rice, most of the forthcoming generations will probably skip home cooking rice altogether. Continue reading

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SWIG Luxury Hip Flask Giveaway!


Time for another giveaway because I do love to spoil you guys! Continue reading

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Two-Step Vegan Halloumi Cheese – Oil Free


I tried dairy halloumi cheese only once or twice before I became vegan. I was fascinated by it’s ability to remain un-melted even with heating on a hot grill. I became curious about a vegan version and my search found many a version based on seasoned tofu, but no set cheeses. Continue reading

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The Best Garlic Bread and the New Zyliss Easy Pull!


I was slightly skeptical of this device, The Zyliss Easy Pull. I’ve had one of those small, manual mini choppers before and I’d sit there winding and winding and still end up with big chunks of onion, it was easier to just do the old fashioned chop with a knife. This one did appear different though, it had a pulling mechanism and the boasted a ‘patented twin-blade system that can even cut through frozen food’. Continue reading

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Apple and Cucumber Green Blender Juice


I do own a juicer, an old, third or fourth hand juicer that was given to me a couple of years ago and still works like a dream. It does, however, seem like work to use it and clean it. Continue reading

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VegfestUK London Tickets Giveaway!

timthumbIt’s that time again! The biggest European Vegan festival is coming to London in October and I have the privilege of offering 2 pairs of weekend (2 Saturday + 2 Sunday) tickets for the event!! Continue reading

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An Algarvian Feast: Algarvian Rice & Sweet Potato Bean Stew and Custard Tarts (Cozido à Algarvia and Pastéis de Nata)


I’m sharing a bit of a 2 course menu today! Since I was asked by Jet2Holidays to create a recipe inspired by one of their popular destinations, I jumped at the chance to choose the Algarve to celebrate my Portuguese heritage. This was particularly fitting at this time since my father, who came to London from Madeira as a young lad, will be relocating to the mainland of his origin, Portugal in the next few weeks! Continue reading

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The Abundance Diet – Review and Giveaway!


Vegan Chocolate Buttermilk Pancakes, page 76

Another beautiful day today – the day I get to share with you this stunning piece of work by my special friend, Somer McCowan of the spectacular vegan blog, Vedged Out.

The Abundance Diet

Continue reading

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Basil & Nectarine Moringa Green Smoothie


You may remember the awesome Baobab giveaway from the generous guys at Aduna recently. One of their other gems is Moringa. A leaf with an incredible nutritional powerhouse profile which is conveniently dried and ground to a powder for an intense extract that can be added to smoothies, water, juice, cereals, oats, in baking and more. Continue reading

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Raw Nutty Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


I’d been intrigued by dehydrated foods for a while, seeing more and more raw vegan recipes which were made more realistic to non raw versions of foods (like cookies) through dehydration and also maintaining full nutritional benefits. Continue reading

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