On Being Married, Kitchens and Chickens…


No recipe today, folks. Instead I thought I’d give you brief narrative of my latest musings of life.. Continue reading

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Spicy Smoked Garlic Cheese Block and ThermoCook Review

Spicy Smoked Garlic Cheese Block #vegan

Before Christmas I became acquainted with this incredible machine. It has taken some serious getting used to, trial and error and practice, mainly because of my intimidation of this complex appliance that can, quite literally, do everything that all your other gadgets can, in one machine. Continue reading

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Mint Choc Chip Super Green Smoothie and Massive Superfood #GIVEAWAY!

Mint Choc Chip Super Green Smoothie #vegan #healthy #giveaway

So we’ve passed the half way mark of January. This is the time when the January detox motivation often starts to slip and cheat days are becoming more and more common. Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink Pomegranate, Cherry & Acai Smoothie on the JD Sports Pink Soda Hub

Pretty in Pink Pomegranate, Cherry & Acai Smoothie #veganPretty in Pink Pomegranate, Cherry & Acai Smoothie #vegan Continue reading

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Indian Tahini Rice Salad

Indian Tahini Rice Salad #vegan #healthy

I find it quite hard to eat salads when it’s cold and torrential rain hasn’t stopped for weeks. My body instead craves hot, soul warming food that makes those cold evenings actually quite cosy. Come summer, I want salad and nothing more, but I have to work a bit harder at this time of year.

Indian Tahini Rice Salad #vegan #healthy

Smoothies are another area that I struggle with in the cold. Especially in the mornings, who wants to dive in to a frozen, fruity slush when they had to count to ten to quickly jump out of bed into a dressing gown and fluffy slippers? I do of course leave out the ice, but then a lukewarm smoothie just isn’t so nice and I find myself downing as much of it as I can, for nutritional purposes and not enjoyment and refreshment, and ultimately a third of it will sadly stagnate in the glass.

Whilst I have no solution to the smoothie conundrum, I do have a way to make winter salads more palatable and even, dare I say it, crave-able!

Indian Tahini Rice Salad #vegan #healthy

How? Well, add in something hot of course! This for me can be, sautéed mushrooms, baked or boiled potatoes, warm beans cooked with herbs and spices, rice, quinoa or other grains. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a pre-made seasoned grain mix that can simply be microwaved and popped on top f your salad in all it’s steaming glory. I love Merchant Gourmet products for this, like their Indian and Mexican Flavoured Grains sachets (Note the Thai is not vegan), conveniently single portioned, calorie controlled and bursting with flavour. Add a little spice to your salad or dressing, like chilli or ginger for extra warmth.

Continue reading

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Happy New Year and Some News! Oh, and the Ultimate Vegan Yorkshire Puddings!

Te Ultimate Vegan Yorkshire Puddings #vegan

Pictured here are the larger muffin tin sized puddings.

Did you all have a nice Christmas and New Year celebrations? Mine was quiet and simple, at home with Rob and the animals. I had major surgery 2 weeks before Christmas and so my usual crazy antics of baking and creating bath bombs to fill hampers in my dining room (come Santa’s grotto) were out of the picture this year! I was sad about that at first but then I realised it was actually really nice to just enjoy the festivities, watch Christmas movies and eat vegan cheese on crackers. As opposed to spending the entirety of December in the kitchen, spending a crap load on ingredients on top of presents and still wrapping and cutting out printable labels into Christmas morning, leaving me shattered and unable to really enjoy my favourite day of the year. I will do my hampers again but perhaps less so intense from now on! Continue reading

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Festive Pecan Pie Smoothie and 5 Products to Help you Stay Healthy over Christmas


Now we all know Christmas is a time filled with fun, food and family which often means in a little (or a lot) overindulgence, but we can lessen the need for strict diets come January with a few handy products to break up the feast on roast potatoes, stuffing and mince pies, while making no extra cooking work at such a busy time. Continue reading

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Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Pecan and Raisin Cookies and Hotel Chocolat Luxury Chocolate GIVEAWAY!

Totally Chocolate #Chocolate Chip, Pecan and Raisin #Cookies and Hotel Chocolat Luxury Chocolate GIVEAWAY! #giveaway #vegan #win #christmas

As we get more and more absorbed into the festive season, there’s one thing that must play a part – chocolate. What would Christmas be without chocolate? Continue reading

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Chilli Tofu

Chilli Tofu #vegan #tofu #vegetarian #stirfry

Tofu, a vegan staple that once baffled me and that I thought was bland and had a funny texture. Now a staple that I always have in my fridge and even make my own fresh tofu at home regularly. Continue reading

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Fully Loaded Butternut & Leek Enchiladas

Fully Loaded Butternut & Leek Enchiladas

It’s not often that Rob and I eat out but when we do, one of our favourite places is Las Iguanas, a Latin chain restaurant who we favour for their separate veggie and vegan menu making it so easy to order even though it’s not a vegetarian eatery. The staff are always knowledgeable about vegan menu items and things that can be subbed or left off to make a vegan option out of a standard menu item. Continue reading

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